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I am an 18 year old with a profound passion for performing, from the age of 7, I was able to satisfy this desire through athletics. I was a competitive gymnast for 8 years and by age 13 I was competing at level 9 and gymnasts 3 and 4 years older then me.. I was a NY State Champion multiple years over the course of my gymnastics career. I also played little league and basketball since 2nd grade and I was a member of a competition dance team for a few years where I first was introduced to Hip Hop. Then at age 14 I discovered, the urban dance sensation, Lite Feet on YouTube. Which started in NYC and has spread throughout the country. I started a dance crew while volunteering for a Gang Prevention program. I was quickly inspired and this dance form became an ideal medium for me to express my creative side which had been restricted by the rigorous routines of gymnastics. I now travel to NYC regularly to compete in dance battles and our YouTube videos get thousands of hits.

From my years as a gymnast I acquired discipline and determination, from dance I gained confidence and a stage to express my creativity. I currently work as a gymnastics coach and at age 17 was one of the youngest USA Gymnastics certified coaches in NY State. My job, my volunteer work, and my honor roll academic status demonstrate that I am serious and responsible. I feel that all of these activities and accomplishments have prepared me for a transition to modeling or product representation.I have taken catalgog modeling seminars and worked with several photographers for extended period of time. I have several photo shoots. I am open to negotiate work for photographs and experience 

I have been a state champion athelete, I been a community organizer, hundreds of young Lite Feet dancers in our small upstate town are dancing, not joining gangs. I have worked for almost 3 years as a coach of a boys team who are setting records. I am ready for new challenges. Physically, I am in great shape, working out and conditioning with my boys team. Mentally I feel confident and prepared. I've learned to make plans and have a dream, but I have learned  things may turn out completely different that how you planned, and I am ok with that. It only serves to make life an adventure.

Whatever opportuntity comes my way -- I AM READY- I am teachable-I am driven- determined-focused and prepared to work harder then I ever have in my life.

 DILLON THOMAS     I am currently not represented, seekng agency representation or freelance oppotunities



Hair: Brown             Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 10”           Weight: 145
Suit size : 38R              Shirt size: 14  
           Neck: 14 ½              Shirt Sleeve: 33 / 34
 Waist 30                 Inseam 30
                                                                                Shoe size: 9 ½

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