Dillon “DLite” Thomas

Letter of Recommendation


Dear Admissions,
It is with pleasure that I submit this Admissions Recommendation for Dillion Thomas. An educator myself, I've come to know Dillion and his extraordinary work over the last three years in his role as gymnastics coach for our son.

Our son entered gymnastics because he had specific physiologic and social developmental needs that we hoped could be addressed through a gymnastics program. He entered the program delicately balanced, with diminished core body one, limited social skills, and neurosensory struggles that required exceptional attention on the part of the coaches. But, he is also highly gifted, and needed a careful and sensitive social hand.

Dillion was hired. Dillion first entered the scene in an apprenticeship position. When I discovered that the gym had a 16 year old coach in training, I felt trepidation. He looked so young. I had been seeing gains in our son as a result of the program and was uncertain that this level of responsibility should be designated to such a young person. Within months, Dillion had embraced the principles of working with a child like this. I found myself talking with Dillion and troubleshooting with him as if Dillion had years of therapeutic experience with these types of children. Dillion was organized and methodical, compassionate, and acutely aware of social nuances between young competitive boys. Dillion's approach to his work was threefold;

1) His own reading of our son's social condition, needs, level of development, and progress, including paying extra attention to the increased safety risks associated with neurological deficits.

2) His Willingness to seek answers for struggles and the uncanny ability to take guidance from and immediately integrate the new wisdom of his own experienced coach, even under highly stressful moments.

3] Through his own patient, balanced, and cheerful delivery system, he was able to communicate all of this stuff to our child in the midst of difficult situations. Our child has developed significant trust in Dillion, and through this has been able to push his own inner limitations toward success.

It did not take Dillion long to take full time responsibility for our chid's needs. The results have been astounding. Not a single other therapeutic avenue has provided such results. Through the responsible guidance of Dillion, our child has developed over two and a half years to be a happy, well integrated child who is well loved in the gym. The days of neurosensory meltdowns are gone, and his neurological awkwardness has nearly faded. The gifts given by Dillion have generalized into our child's daily interactions and helped him forge forward as a strong and personable gifted child.

Dillion has changed the course of our child's life. Dillion is in many ways developed beyond his years. A remarkable young man, student, and exceptional member of community is knocking at your door. With his self-awareness and gifts of empathy and compassion that reach years beyond his chronological age, you would be fortunate, indeed, to have him join your school's community.

Please feel welcome to call or write if you have any questions.
Respectfully yours,
Regina Mason, M.Ed., Public and Waldorf Certified
1216 State Highway 235
Harpursville, NY 13787